Never Late, Never Away Chapter 83

Vivian was dumbfounded.

Consummate our marriage tonight?

Before she could recover from her shock, Mr. Norton barked, “Mr. Zane!”

The study’s door opened and an elderly butler hurried in.

“Mr. Zane, bring Ms. William and Finnick to the bedroom at once.” Mr. Norton couldn’t contain his laughter. “I have specially prepared that bedroom for you!”

What? There’s even a specially prepared bedroom?

Before she could even ask what sort of room it was, Vivian was led out of the study by Mr. Zane. Right after they left, they could still hear the elder Mr. Norton’s hearty laughter from the corridor.

Mr. Zane brought her to a bedroom on the third floor. Upon entering, Mr. Zane softly reassured her, “Both of you have the whole floor to yourselves. Hence, you can do whatever you please and not have to worry that someone can hear you or even disturb you.”

When Vivian understood what Mr. Zane was trying to say, her face flushed red. Before she could even reply, Mr. Zane had pushed her into the room.

By the time she managed to collect herself, the butler had closed the door.


She could hear it being locked from outside.

Given a fright, Vivian banged on the door, “Mr. Zane, why did you lock the door?”

No one answered from outside.

Vivian grew anxious and tried to pry it open. But, it was locked tightly from the outside and wouldn’t budge.

‘You can stop banging on the door. They did it on purpose.” Just when Vivian began to worry, she heard a cold voice emanate from behind her.

Caught by surprise, she turned around and saw Finnick sitting behind her.

Under the dim yellow light, Finnick was sitting in his wheelchair. He had taken off his jacket and only had his white shirt on. The top two buttons were already loose, exposing his sexy collarbone.

“Finnick?” Vivian regained her senses and scanned the room. When her gaze fell upon the bed in the center, her eyes widened in shock. “Is this the room we will be spending the night in? Isn’t the bed too small?”

The bed in front of her looked just like a super single bed. It could barely fit two people and even then, both people would have stick closely together.

“Mmm.” It was obvious to Finnick from the beginning. “They must be part of their plan.”

Vivian finally understood what the elder Mr. Norton meant when he said ‘specially prepared’. Just thinking about it caused her to blush.

Vivian and Finnick did sleep together at home. But, given the bed was big enough, they seldom made physical contact. However, the bed in front of them was so different.

“Just now,” Finnick asked out of a sudden as he turned towards Vivian, “what did Grandpa talk to you about?”

When Vivian recalled the topic that the elder Mr. Norton and her discussed, her cheeks burned with greater intensity.

“Erm, n-nothing much.” Vivian was too embarrassed to recount what they discussed. But, as she wasn’t accustomed to lying, her words came out extremely stiff.

Raising his eyebrow curiously, Finnick stood up and approached Vivian. “Even if you don’t tell me, I can easily guess what Grandpa spoke to you about.”

Vivian’s cheeks felt like a raging inferno now. “R-really?”

Finnick was standing right in front of Vivian now. When he saw how bashful she was, he simply found her extremely adorable. At that very moment, he couldn’t help but tease her.

“Of course I do.” Finnick had lowered his voice on purpose to make it sound more alluring. Furthermore, he even put his hands on the door beside Vivian’s cheek before leaning in to bring himself closer. “I suppose he wants you to have children with me?”

Vivian lowered her gaze as she could no longer feel her cheeks. “That’s right. Erm, they’re our elders after all. It’s normal for them to worry about you, isn’t it?”

Vivian’s voice gradually softened as Finnick was lowering his face towards her. They were now so close to each other that their cheeks were about to touch.

When she felt his masculine breath envelope her whole body, she got all nervous that her heart began to race.

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