Never Late, Never Away Chapter 84

Originally, Finnick had just wanted to joke around with Vivian. However, as he approached her, he caught a whiff of her faint fragrance. Right at that moment, he could feel his heart started to pound.

For some reason, Vivian was especially attractive that day. Her tight skirt outlined her graceful figure in full view. From his height, he could clearly see her soft curvature and snow-white skin.

Her small, pretty, up-close face was rosy red. It resembled an apple, cute and round, tender and juicy, tempting everyone to approach and take a bite.

Finnick entertained that thought for a while. Her attractiveness was soon too much for him to bear, thus he gave in to the temptation.

Bending down, he leaned close and gently nipped Vivian’s blushing cheek, startling her in the process. She was taken aback and could only whisper a syllable, “Ah?”

The tiny yelp made his heart flutter like a feather, instantly igniting the passion within him.

Throwing caution to the wind, he suddenly raised his hands and grasped Vivian’s waist. Lifting her up with a hug, their two bodies touched in a sweet embrace.

Feeling the warmth of his body flowing onto her, Vivian became flustered and managed only to stammer, “F-Finnick? You…”

She did not realize that every word she said only made him felt more aroused.

He could barely hold onto his last thread of reason. The temptation was just too strong. Lowering his head, he gently caressed her reddening earlobe with his lips as he whispered in a low voice, “Dear Vivian, why don’t we carry out what grandpa wants? Let’s get on with it, shall we?”

The warm and sensual touch to her earlobe sent currents of electrifying sensation through her body. It was so pleasantly numb that she could not help but shudder with pleasure.

Truth be told, she was mentally prepared for this. After all, they were already married. Finnick would only have to ask, and as his wife, she would gladly offer herself to him without refusing.

Moreover, when elder Mr. Norton had said those things to her just now, she had thought in her heart about consummating their marriage.

She was surprised that she was not resisting the idea.

As such, upon hearing Finnick’s request, she nodded shyly as she felt her ears burning up and her face getting hotter.

Feeling the coy consent of the lady currently in his arms, the flame of passion within Finnick burned brighter, and he instantly let go of his last thread of restraint which was holding him back.

Abruptly, he bowed his head and instantly locked his lips with Vivian’s. The soft and sweet scent filled his senses. His tongue, tasting the intoxicating sweetness of the kiss, was instantly addicted as he craved for her more and more.

Such a sensation…

Have I been drugged by this woman? Just a mere kiss is enough to make me lose all my self-control and awakened the carnal instinct within me.

Finnick pinned Vivian to the door. He slid his hand down her smooth curvy back, before finally arriving at the edge of her skirt.

The gown that she was dressed in was very cumbersome to undress. Finnick found himself groping in search of the zipper. But as his lust burned hotter, he lost his patience and decided to rip the dress off her.


The gown was quickly torn apart and slid off Vivian’s milky white shoulders.

Under the dim light, with Vivian’s full figure in front of him in plain sight, Finnick felt his throat tightened in excitement.

With his status and wealth, there was never a shortage of women willing to offer themselves to him. In fact, there had been countless ladies who had tried to seduce him, to arouse him, and to get him into their beds. Yet he managed to resist them all and remained calm and composed through it all. However, that also led elder Mr. Norton and Mark to question whether the kidnapping case ten years ago had affected him physically and mentally.

Nonetheless, with him facing Vivian currently, he felt that his body was no longer his own. His primitive, carnal instinct was taking over, making the flame of lust burned wildly within him, tempting him to just pounce and possess her outright.

Since Vivian had already given her consent, Finnick threw caution to the wind and unleash his inner desire to the fullest this time. Immediately, his hot lips left Vivian’s and started traveling down, first stopping on her neck before moving closer to his intended destination.

But at that moment…


Vivian gave a sudden squeal and shoved Finnick away.

He did not expect her to resist him in such a way. Caught off-guard, he staggered a few steps backward.

Looking at her in surprise, he saw her red face and watery eyes, exhibiting a look of unease.

That instant, he felt as if a bucket of icy water was dumped over him, extinguishing the flaming fire of carnal passion burning inside him.

A look of guilt was plastered all over Vivian’s face as she realized that she might have gone overboard. Cautiously approaching Finnick, she stammered apologetically, “I-I’m sorry… I-It’s just… I-I just suddenly remembered something from two years ago…”

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