Never Late, Never Away Chapter 86

It was supposed to be a grand party that day, yet it was ruined by someone putting up such a photo. Whether the purpose was to humiliate the Norton family or Vivian, the act itself was preposterous.

Mr. Zane nodded, “Yes. The culprit is the fiancée of your grandson, Ms. Miller.”

Hearing the name of the culprit did not surprise elder Mr. Norton. Rather, he scoffed upon hearing that name, “As I’ve expected. I’ve suspected it since the beginning. That girl ain’t no saint. She’s a troublemaker.”

Mr. Zane chipped in blankly, “Perhaps it has something to do with the relationship between Ms. William and your grandson back in their university days.”

Nodding in admission, elder Mr. Norton sighed, “Both nephew and uncle ended up falling for the same woman. Us Norton family are to be blamed too for instigating such a thing.”

“But Ms. William is the only lady that has attracted the attention of your second son. No matter what, I’m sure you will continue to support their relationship.” Mr. Zane had been the confidant of elder Mr. Norton for many years and could obviously understand the latter’s thoughts well.

“You’re right.” Rubbing his tired eyes, elder Mr. Norton continued, “As for that nuisance surnamed Miller, go and inform Fabian about her nefarious deed.”

“Don’t you want to personally dal with her?”

“Meh, a mere wildling? She’s not worthy for me to personally make a move.” Sneering, elder Mr. Norton pointed out, “If Fabian can’t even manage his own woman, then he is not worthy to be a part of the Norton family.”

“Yes, I understand.” Acknowledging his orders, Mr. Zane left the study.

As elder Mr. Norton walked to his bedside, he looked out the window at the moon. His mind suddenly remembered the scene on the dance floor, where Finnick was actually smiling happily while dancing with Vivian. His wrinkled, frowning face softened.

How many years has it been… Since I last saw Finnick smiling like that?

I guess God answered my prayers to let Finnick meet a woman who can finally make him laugh again.

Right now, his only wish was for both of them to produce an offspring soon.

As elder Mr. Norton was worrying about them both, the amorous, fiery passion in the room upstairs had cooled off.

Finnick was sitting on his chair. Propping his head against his hand, his eyes were closed as he rested.

Even though it was late into the night, Vivian kept tossing and turning on the bed, unable to sleep. After a long silence, she meekly voiced out, “Finnick, I can’t seem to sleep. Shall we have a chat?”

Finnick did not open his eyes, but replied nonchalantly, “What shall we talk about?”

“About that…” Vivian paused for a thought, then continued, “How does your grandpa… Know that both of us have not consummated our marriage?”

“Molly and Liam told him that,” explained Finnick matter-of-factly. “After all, both of them are grandpa’s people. Even though they said that they were sent by grandpa to take care of me, they’re actually grandpa’s informants.”

Only then did Vivian understood why Finnick would always send Molly and them all away. It turned out that he knew of their purpose from the beginning.

Even though elder Mr. Norton simply wanted to keep an eye on him out of genuine concern, no one would like to be put under such constant surveillance, more so for Finnick who was trying to fool everyone that he was wheelchair-bound.

“Speaking of which…” Vivian hesitated for a moment before venturing, “Why don’t you be honest with your grandpa and tell him that you’re not disabled? I can feel that he cares for you very much.”

Finnick opened his eyes and affirmed, “I know he cares for me a lot. After all, he is well advanced in age and is looking forward to enjoying quiet family life. However, because of that, there are some problems with his judgments.”

Cocking her head in confusion, she asked curiously, “What judgments?”

“Judgments towards each member of the family.” Finnick explained, “For example, he has always wanted Mark and I to get along well. Hence, if he finds out the truth about my legs, he may unwittingly disclose it to Mark.”

Vivian was taken aback for a moment before she finally understood.

The reason why Finnick faked his disability is to fool Mark.

The relationships in a reputable and prominent family like the Nortons were just too complicated. Feeling a headache coming up, she groggily closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

While in that sleepy daze, she could vaguely see Finnick sitting at his desk, gazing at something in his hand.

Under the dim light, she saw the thing in his hand was shining and shimmering, just like a crystal pendant.

Is that the pendant from last time?

Amidst her state of semi-consciousness, she felt a little disturbed in her heart for no reason.

That pendant. Who does it belong to? Who is it that made him care so much for?

Whilst thinking in such a disoriented daze, she drifted off to sleep eventually.

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