Never Late, Never Away Chapter 89

If only Vivian would have loved me as madly as Ashley does, to the point where she’s willing to do anything and everything for me… How great would that be…

Sighing to himself, Fabian quickly shook his head to snap off from his daydreaming. “I’ll let it pass this time. In the future, don’t do anything reckless without discussing with me first, okay?”

Hearing that he had let her off the hook, an expression of relief and joy flashed over Ashley’s face. Hugging him, she promised, “Of course! I won’t do it again! I promise! Fabian dear, you’re really good to me.”

As she gazed at the man in front of her, a flicker flared in her eyes as she straightened up suddenly. Looking at him alluringly, coupled with a seductive voice, she spoke bewitchingly, “Fabian, ever since you’ve returned, it’s been a long while since we last had that…”

Fabian was rendered speechless.

With the bedroom only lit by the bedside lamps, the surrounding was dim and the atmosphere was beginning to be filled with a certain anticipation. In the dimness, Ashley’s face involuntarily overlapped with a familiar face in his memory.

Just then, Ashley took the initiative to close the gap between them. Her red lips pressed closer as her body slowly rubbed enchantingly against him. He could feel her soft curves against his skin as she moaned, “Fabian… I really want you…”

The moment Ashley approached, the strong scent of her body whiffed past his nose.

Such bodily fragrance, however, woke him up from a trance, as if a pail of cold water were splashed onto him.

“No.” Sternly, he mouthed that single word and pushed Ashley away.

Staggering back after being pushed, she looked at him in disbelief. Her feelings were clearly hurt as she called out, “Fabian…”

Surprised at what he had just done while simultaneously at a loss of how to face her, he could only manage to utter, “I’m too tired today. What about another day?”

Ashley became upset. Not able to find any words to say, she resorted to biting her lips in frustration and nodded in resignation.

Fabian quickly got himself ready for a shower. Yet before he entered the bathroom, he could not help but turn towards the stupefied woman. Seeing Ashley in her disconcerted daze, he could not resist adding more salt to the wound, “Ashley dear, the perfume you wear is too pungent. Don’t use it anymore. I don’t like it.”

The moment he finished uttering those words, he entered the bathroom without waiting for her response or a look back.

Ashley was left rooted to her spot, her pale face palpable in the dim light as if her body were devoid of any soul.

She was rejected by Fabian. Again.

Ever since his return, she had taken the initiative countless times, trying to push herself onto him. However, every attempt had fallen flat as each time Fabian would shot her down. Not only that, but he had also not spent much time with her. Instead, most of the time, he was at his magazine company.

That magazine company with Vivian in it.

And now, he still dared to remark that my perfume was too pungent? Such obvious spite. Such a condescending attitude!

When they had first gotten together, he clearly stated that he liked this perfume scent the most. Due to that, she had always painstakingly put it on – be it daytime or nighttime after a bath.

Yet now he admitted that it would be best for me not to wear any perfume?

In this day and age, how many girls would not wear perfumes?

Except for that poor, unstylish Vivian perhaps!

Vivian William…

As the name popped into her mind, Ashley suddenly turned pale and shuddered.

Am I thinking too much again? That Fabian… Perhaps he was still unable to forget and let go of Vivian!

Her anger suddenly boiled once again and almost exploded. She thrashed the pillows and blanket on the bed, making a mess.


You shameless b*tch!

You’re just a mere peon from a poor, menial family. What gives you the right to wrest my man away from me!

You’re the one who forced me little by little, step by step into this predicament! So don’t blame me for being merciless from now on!

Taking out her phone in anger after making sure Fabian was still in the bathroom, she dialed a number only she knew.

“Hey.” As soon as the phone was connected, she spoke with a low, cold tone. “Find me that old man from back then. Tell him that I need a favor from him. If he’s willing to help, I’ll find him several beautiful, blooming girls to entertain him. Complimentary of course, courtesy of yours truly.”

Early next morning.

When Vivian woke up, Finnick had already freshened up and was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, buttoning his shirt.

Most of the buttons were still unbuttoned, revealing his solid, stony chest with distinct muscle lines. It was a truly chiseled masterpiece sight to behold, achieved through hard hustling and diligent discipline.

Vivian had not expected her eyes to be blessed at such early hours in the morning. She could not help but gawk at such a fine specimen of a husband.

Noticing her blank stare reflected by the mirror, Finnick tried his best to hide his grin. With a hidden smirk and a low, manly voice, he growled gently, “So… Are you satisfied with this body?”

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