Never Late, Never Away Chapter 90

Hearing his remark, Vivian was jolted out from her trance. Blinking in confusion, she remembered his question regarding his body.

She blushed immediately and looked away quickly.

Seeing his lady in discomfort and closing her eyes, Finnick raised his brows and wondered about his next move.

Leaving his shirt unbuttoned, he walked over to Vivian who was averting her gaze. He leaned down and squeezed her chin, forcing her eyes to focus on him again.

“Vivian,” he whispered in a low, manly voice. “Just watch all you want. I promise I won’t charge you.”

She widened her eyes in disbelief.

Is it my imagination? Or is Finnick getting more and more shameless with each passing minute?

Such a thick-skinned man. She could never hope to match that level of shameless confidence in her lifetime. With her face turning redder, she was forced to gaze at his exposed firm chest in front of her.

Fearing Finnick would see her nervousness, she hastily changed the subject. “Um… What do you think? Will your grandpa know that we did not do ‘that’ last night?”

Raising his eyebrows, Finnick leaned back a little and shrugged, “Maybe. But so what?”

“So…” Being so close with him made Vivian more flustered. Words just came out of her mouth without going through her brain, “Do you think we’ll be scolded for not…”

Finnick raised his eyebrows even higher, “Vivian, what are you trying to imply, hmm?”

Realization dawned on Vivian on what her words sounded like and she felt like committing suicide.

I’m such a fool for mentioning that! I’ve just trapped myself!

“I… I don’t mean that…” She stuttered as she tried to explain away, fearing that Finnick would misunderstand.

Chuckling lightly, he ventured, “Then pray tell what you mean? Perhaps you can enlighten me?” As he enunciated every word naughtily, his breath blew onto the tip of Vivian’s nose. “Don’t you know that men have certain needs upon waking up in the mornings?”

Vivian’s face was now red as a tomato as she stammered even more. “I-I, I’m really not…”

Initially, Finnick meant it all as a joke, but he did not expect his little lady in front of him to take it seriously. Seeing her flustered, flabbergasted face, a corner of his lips curved upward into a smirk.

“I’m just kidding,” whispered Finnick into her ears. She heard him, but before she could heave a sigh of relief, the second part of his sentence made her break into a nervous sweat. “However, your valid concern is duly noted. Since there’s a truth to your matter, we’d better do something about it.”

“Huh?” Vivian was at a loss for words. Before she could ask what Finnick was thinking of doing, he suddenly leaned down and buried his head between her beautiful neck.

“Ah!” Vivian was taken aback and tried to struggle, but Finnick had foreseen that, hence he clasped both her hands together and pressed her whole body into the bed. Unable to move, she faltered, “F-Finnick… What are you… What are you doing?”

A moist and itchy sensation crept between her neck. She could feel his lips working their way around, nibbling and sucking, while his warm breath was brushing her neck. Vivian was frightened and wanted to yell out, but as the tingling, sensual sensation spread all over her body, she could not help but shudder slightly in a weird state of confused pleasure.

After a long while, Finnick straightened up slowly, a corner of his mouth raised up in a satisfied smirk. He could not take his eyes away from the red mark on Vivian’s beautiful neck.

Feeling none of the embarrassment the blushing lady in front of him was experiencing, he whispered, “This will suffice, I guess.”

As part of her reaction, she quickly pushed Finnick away, jumped out from the bed, and rushed to the mirror next to her.

Scrutinizing herself in the mirror, she was stunned by what she saw.

She could see that her face was flushed, and her eyes were sparkling. There was something unfamiliar yet charming in her gaze.

Is this… Is this really me?

However all these were not the most important.

The one thing that caught her eyes was the obvious hickey on her neck.

“Finnick Norton!” She could not help but feel annoyed. “You… How do you expect me to go out and meet other people looking like this!”

Calmly pacing up to her, Finnick wrapped his strong arms around her lovingly from behind and chuckled, “I’m merely leaving my mark on you.”

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