Never Late, Never Away Chapter 91

Still glaring at Finnick, Vivian had no choice but to change into her clothes.

When she arrived last night, Molly had prepared some clothes for her to wear upon leaving.

Upon marrying Finnick, he had actually commanded his servants to prepare her lots of clothes, but as those outfits were too expensive, she dared not wear them too much for fear of appearing too high-profiled.

The clothes that Molly had prepared to go out were one of them. A seemingly ordinary spaghetti strap dress, it was actually made out of finely tailored exquisite materials, adorning its wearer with impeccable elegance when worn.

The only flaw with the dress was that since it was a strap-type, the hickey on her neck was in plain sight.

Since Vivian had not brought any makeup concealer, she made do with just some dabbing of her foundation to cover it. After doing all that she could, she forced herself to go downstairs with Finnick.

In the dining room, elder Mr. Norton was flanked on both sides by Mark and Fabian, as well as Ashley. All those present were in the midst of chowing down on their breakfast.

Seeing Finnick arrived late, Mark stared sternly and said, “Finnick, you’re late. How could you let your grandpa wait for you?”

Finnick retorted sarcastically, “Isn’t grandpa eating now?” As his wheelchair slowly slid to the table side, he continued coyly, “I was a little busy last night, hence I went to bed late.”

Hearing the phrase “a bit busy last night”, everyone on the table seemed to get the same idea. Almost simultaneously, they turned towards Vivian who was beside him.

From his angle on the side of his table, elder Mr. Norton saw the distinctive mark on Vivian’s neck. His eyes lit up immediately as he elatedly commanded Mr. Zane who was next to him, “Mr. Zane, help me get the bird’s nest that I brought back from overseas a while ago. brew it well and give Ms. William a bowl of it.”

Feeling flattered, Vivian quickly replied, “Thank you, grandpa.”

Seeing how elder Mr. Norton cared so much for Vivian, Mark showed a slight dissatisfaction. Perhaps the most obvious one would be Ashley. Jealousy was evident in her eyes as the flame of envy was burning brightly within her.

Fabian could not help but stare at Vivian as well. He too saw the obvious red mark on her neck.

That instant, his hands under the table were involuntarily squeezed tightly and his body tensed up.

Although he had long suspected that something must have happened between Finnick and Vivian, seeing both of them with his own eyes now made him felt unsettled. It was as if there was a monster within him that was roaring with rage.

Not only that, when he looked at Vivian’s blushing face and her content look, he could not stop himself from imagining what she could be doing with Finnick last night.

With that, the mealtime was spent surrounded by an awkward atmosphere.

Fabian was in a bad mood throughout. He and Ashley left the table right after eating.

Vivian obediently drank the specially-prepared bird’s nest soup before taking her leave alongside Finnick.

Elder Mr. Norton was in a jovial mood and announced that he would like to take a walk after the meal. As such, he accompanied them both to the main door.

Finnick’s wheelchair slid into the car. Turning to follow, Vivian suddenly felt a hand grabbing her shoulder.

“Ms. William.” Elder Mr. Norton had a mysterious look on his face as he hinted, “You did well yesterday. However, as an experienced person, allow me to point out that merely doing it once doesn’t amount to much. The chances are just too small. When you both get back, remember to work hard.”

Initially, Vivian was confused as to what elder Mr. Norton was referring to. As realization struck, her face turned beetroot red immediately.

Seriously! Both the grandfather and the grandson are so thick-skinned! Both are of the same Norton mold indeed!

Mumbling something incoherent, Vivian hurriedly got into the car.

The grand party hosted by the Norton family was finally over without a further hitch.

In the following days, with the printing deadline for the new issue of the magazine fast approaching, Vivian found herself incredibly busy working closely together with the entire office staff of her magazine company.

Even Fabian did not have the time to mind Vivian anymore, as he was too caught up with his work.

Since the failure of the previous cooperation with Q City, the magazine company had found itself short on capital to keep up. This was regarded as the biggest crisis since its establishment. Fortunately, the featured and much-anticipated second interview with Finnick helped boost its sales. In fact, that particular issue was selling like hotcakes, even setting a new sales record, thus bringing a much-needed relief to the staff.

That being said, the magazine company can’t very well keep relying on Finnick to boost their magazine’s sales. As such, the short-lasting relief was soon replaced with a headache about the content for the next publication.

Just when everybody was racking their tired brain, a blaze of hope came in the form of Shannon. Her motivation led her to personally interview and investigate an illegal food processing factory, leading to tons of secret photos and insider stories unknown to the public.

It just so happened that recently, the domestic issue of food safety had attracted much public attention. Everyone in the office agreed that this was a worthwhile scoop that would sensationally shake the journalism world. Therefore, everyone was united and rushed to work overnight to leave no stones unturned about the illegal food factory. They were hell-bent on producing the best exposé ever written.

Even Vivian, who was not in charge of the report, was also working overtime.

As the clock struck twelve midnight, Vivian was still in the office typesetting. Shannon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and with an air of arrogance, chucked a file of documents on Vivian’s desk and said, “This is a list of workers in the illegal factory that I’ve recorded. Many of them did not even possess legal qualifications nor proper documentations. I want you to organize the details in the file.”

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