Never Late, Never Away Chapter 93

Fabian took his lunchbox to the pantry to heat it up. However, he did not expect to bump right into Vivian and was stumped.

Vivian’s face turned impassive. She turned around to leave but Fabian called out to her.


Vivian did not stop in her tracks and continued to head outside. She felt Fabian clutching her wrist, and she had to halt her steps. Vivian turned around and was greeted by Fabian’s exasperated look.

“Vivian.” Fabian’s face sank. “I was calling you. Didn’t you hear me?”

“I did.” Her tone was cold. “I just didn’t want to answer you.”

Vivian’s indifference pained Fabian. He unconsciously tightened his grip on her.

“Are you still mad about the thing that happened at the party?” Fabian tried to suppress his frustration. “I’m really sorry about that. I really have no idea about the photos. You have to trust me. I won’t resort to such despicable acts.”

Vivian did not want to take heed of him. However, when she heard him say “you have to trust me,” derision fleeted across her face. “Trust you? Trust you how? Trust that you will destroy my reputation? Or trust that you will stop at nothing to torment me?”

Fabian paled at her lashing out at him. Furious, he demanded, “Vivian, don’t you know what kind of person I am, given that we’ve known each other for so long? I wouldn’t resort to such deplorable acts even if I hate you!”

Fabian’s words made her snicker.

Her mocking smile had a hint of helplessness. “Fabian, you asked me to trust you. But have you ever trusted me?”

Fabian was stumped. He did not expect her to say that.

“We’ve known each other for such a long time. And we’ve been together for three whole years. Don’t you know what kind of person I am?” Vivian was parroting his words back at him. Her eyes went red as she continued, “In spite of it all, you chose to forget who I am with just a few photos and some baseless rumors back then. You have always chosen to trust others.”

Fabian was shook.

What is she saying?

Is she accusing me of not trusting her back then?

“These are two unrelated matters!” Fabian got inexplicably irritated. “Fine, let’s assume that I’ve misunderstood you in the past. Then would you mind explaining how you—a menial reporter—married my uncle? Isn’t that the best evidence that you would stop at nothing to marry into a rich family? Besides, I’ve seen how you’re all meek in front of Mr. Hark the other day. I just didn’t want to mention this to uncle. I’m afraid that he has no idea what kind of woman you are out there!”

Vivian came to a startling realization when she looked at Fabian. I just wasted my time and energy talking to this jerk.

I am a slut in his eyes. Why should I bother discussing trust with him?

Hah. I’m an idiot.

Fabian thought Vivian had lost her words when she kept mum. He glanced at the red marks still apparent on her neck. The monster in him awakened at the sight.

“You say that I should have known better, but I don’t think that I’ve seen the true Vivian over the three years that we’ve been together!” Fabian growled at her, “The Vivian William that I knew would blush even when I’m holding her hands, but what about the true Vivian William? You could still parade around with those red marks on your neck. Have you no shame, Vivian?”

Fabian knew his words were harsh. Going back to a few years back, he wouldn’t have believed that he could utter words that cut so deep.

However, he felt himself going mad in the face of Vivian. He did not feel like himself anymore.

Vivian was oddly calm when Fabian threw insults at her. She did not even feel the urge to refute him. Her gaze went icy cold.

“Fabian Norton,” Vivian muttered softly, her tone impassive. “One day, when you realize that all these are just your assumptions, I will never forgive you even if you come begging at me.”

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