Never Late, Never Away Chapter 94

Vivian shrugged Fabian off after she was done talking. She did not cast a second glance at him and turned around to leave.

She only realized that she was gasping for air after she was out of the pantry.

Her phone rang at this moment.

She was stumped for a moment when she saw the caller ID. The next moment, she answered the call right away, as if her life depended on it.

“Finnick…” She spoke first.

Finnick’s deep voice could be heard on the other end. “Vivian, where are you?”

“I’m at the office.” Vivian tried her best to reply calmly. “I’m doing overtime, and I’ve sent you a text telling you to have dinner without me.”

“I know.” Finnick’s voice was placid as usual. Having said that, Vivian held on to it like it was a tranquilizer. “Come down.”

“Down? Where?” Vivian was puzzled.

“Downstairs. I’m at your office.”

Vivian regained her composure and ran toward the elevator despite having heels on.

Her heart was thumping in the elevator. She was counting down the numbers along with the display in the elevator to herself.

Faster, faster…

This was the first time that she wished she could see Finnick as soon as possible.


The elevator stopped at the first floor, and Vivian hurriedly stepped outside.

She ran toward the entrance, and there was the familiar black Bentley.

Vivian straightened out her slightly disoriented clothes before heading toward the entrance. At this moment, she was not afraid of being seen by the others in the office anymore.

In the car, Finnick took in her every move through the window. A flicker of smile fleeted across his deep-set eyes. The door was open for Vivian to enter.

She climbed into the car straight away.

“Why are you here?” She looked at the man before her. He was dressed in an emerald, green knitted top, complementing his handsome features.

“To bring food to you,” Finnick replied impassively as he passed the lunch box in his hand to her.

Vivian was taken aback. She opened the lunch box, and it was full of Molly’s thoughtfully prepared dishes.

Vivian lifted her head and stared at Finnick blankly. “You came all the way just to bring me some food?”

Finnick averted his gaze, uncomfortable at Vivian’s puzzled expression. He coughed slightly. “No, I’m heading for a meeting at the office, and so I thought I’d pop over to hand you lunch on the way.”

Vivian chuckled.

As smart as Finnick is, he still makes mistakes…

Her office was at the west, their house was at the east. Finnick’s office was right at the center. How is this “on the way?”

However, Vivian knew he was too full of pride to admit it. Hence, she let it slide. Taking over the lunch box, she muttered, “Thank you, Finnick.”

Finnick had only glanced at her then. His deep-set gaze glimmered in the dimly lit car.

“You’re most welcome,” he said in a low voice. There was a hint of tenderness which even himself did not expect when he spoke. “You may eat it upstairs. I don’t suppose you could be away for a long period of time during overtime hours?”

Vivian nodded and was about to leave the car.

She suddenly hoped that she could pause the time.

Vivian turned around to look at Finnick.

Noticing her hesitation to get off the car, Finnick frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Looking at the picturesque man before her, Vivian felt herself going weak. She whispered, without an inkling of thought, “Finnick, can I hug you?”

Finnick was stumped. It was the last thing that he would expect her to say.

Silence stretched between the two. Vivian realized that she had gone over the line. She blushed crimson red as her lips curved into a thin smile. “I was just joking. I’ll get going then.”

She hurriedly got off the car.

Her wrist was grabbed by Finnick before she could leave.

The next moment, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

There was a light hint of cigar emanating from Finnick. His masculinity enveloped her, making her feel safe and sound in his embrace.

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