Never Late, Never Away Chapter 95

“Thank you,” Vivian said softly. Her eyes gleamed with delight as she lifted her head to see Finnick in the eyes. “I’ll go back to work now.”

Finnick’s lips curved into a smile as he felt her relaxing in his arms. “Okay, I’ll wait for you at home.”

Vivian nodded and got off the car.

She did not rush back upstairs after getting off the car. Instead, she saw them off before going back upstairs.

Vivian clutched the lunch box close to her body, its warmth spread from her clothes, and into her heart.

Just like… Finnick’s hug.

She could still detect Finnick’s scent from the hug just now, and her cheeks went red.

Okay, I should stop.

Vivian tapped on her cheeks and went back upstairs.

Her bad mood caused by Fabian earlier had disappeared into thin air because of Finnick.

After working overtime for the whole day, the final draft of the magazine was finally sent on time to the printing company.

When Vivian got home that day, she was utterly exhausted that she spent two nights in bed. The magazine had already been published when she woke up.

She had to admit that their effort was well worth it. They exposed a sweatshop factory and managed to garner a lot of attention from the public. Even though the sales did not break Finnick’s previous record, the publicity had managed to attract a number of advertisers.

The magazine company could finally overcome its crisis this time.

Vivian was glad that the magazine company could make it through. She had formed a certain emotional attachment to the company, especially since she had been working here for two years.

There was only one downside to all of this. They would have to suffer Shannon’s obnoxious attitude.

In spite of it all, they were still overjoyed. Even Fabian, who was usually standoffish, announced that he would treat everyone to a meal that day.

They cheered at the announcement and vowed to eat to their heart’s content.

Sarah approached Vivian excitedly. “Vivian, you’re going too, right?”

Vivian shook her head as she glanced at Fabian amongst the crowd. “No, I have to rush home. Have fun!”

Disappointment was apparent in Sarah’s eyes. However, she knew things were kind of awkward between Vivian and Fabian. So, she nodded in response.

Vivian followed them all to the lobby. When they were discussing where to head for dinner tonight, Vivian announced, “Mr. Norton, I won’t be joining you guys because I have some things to settle at home. So, I’ll get going first.”

Fabian’s eyes flickered at her announcement. However, he merely nodded in response.

All eyes were on Fabian and Vivian’s interaction. However, they kept quiet since Fabian was still here.

Vivian ignored their curious glances and turned around to leave.

When she was about to exit the entrance, Vivian bumped into someone.

“Ouch.” She retracted a few steps back. She lifted her head and saw that she bumped into a dirty man in his thirties. His skin was rough and dark.

Vivian was taken aback.

He did not seem like a staff working in her building. Not only that, her instincts as a told her that this man had his guards up and was acting nervously. He did not stop to apologize even after bumping into her and rushed to leave instead.

Vivian felt a premonition looming and turned around to trace the man. She noticed that the man fished out a shiny object.

Her face paled at the sight of the shiny object.

It’s a knife!

Vivian wanted to call the security right away. However, she noticed the man was approaching Fabian amongst the crowd.

She unconsciously rushed toward the man and shouted, “Fabian, watch out!”

Everything happened in an instance, and she subconsciously called his name.

Fabian was stumped to hear Vivian and turned around. Then, he noticed a gruesome-looking man rushing toward him with a knife in his hands.


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