Never Late, Never Away Chapter 96

The others from the magazine company had also noticed the man and shrieked as they dispersed.

The man was clearly aiming for Fabian. He accelerated as the crowd dispersed in fear. The man uttered, “Fabian Norton! You bastard! You caused me to lose my job! Die!”

Fabian was born with a silver spoon, and he had never experienced anything like this before. He was frozen on the ground, completely stunned as the knife was edging closer to him.

Vivian rushed over to the man without hesitation.

She clutched at the man’s arm in an attempt to stop him from harming Fabian.

The man did not expect that he was going to be stopped by Vivian, and retracted a few steps back. He turned around to face Vivian as he grimaced. “B*tch! How dare you stop me? I’m going to kill you first!”

Then, he aimed his knife at Vivian.

Vivian was grabbing on the man’s arm. As he turned around, she fell a few steps back. Before she could steady herself, the knife was already aiming for her.

All colors drained from her face, and there was no time for her to escape.

Fabian finally regained composure after seeing that the man went for Vivian instead.

“Vivian!” He shouted as he rushed to her side.

However, it was too late.

The knife had stabbed right into Vivian’s arms.


A searing pain coursed through her body. She shivered from the pain and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Fabian rushed toward the man and punched him in the face.

His grandfather, Mr. Norton, was an ex-army. Hence, he had high regard for his offspring in this matter. Fabian had learned the art of self-defense and karate from a young age. He was just stunned from the man’s sudden attack. However, this time, he sent the man rolling on the floor with just a punch.

“Vivian!” Fabian did not give a damn about the man on the floor. He rushed toward Vivian and helped her up.

His heart sank at the sight of her pale face, and her bloodstained shirt.

The next moment, he growled at the befuddled crowd. “What are you guys waiting for? Call the ambulance!”

They finally snapped out of it and hurriedly called for an ambulance.

Vivian was uncomfortable from him getting so close to her and said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry. It’s just my arms. Let me go. Everyone is watching.”

Fabian was oblivious to her words and gripped tightly on her bleeding wound. He scowled at her, with a somehow shaky voice, “Vivian William! Are you an idiot? Did you know how dangerous it was just now? Why did you rush to my side?”

He seemed to have forgotten that people from the magazine company were watching them and had forgotten the fact that he was detesting Vivian just a few days ago. Fabian also threw Vivian’s betrayal two years ago to the back of his mind.

Vivian’s pale face and bleeding wound were all that he could see.

He kept replaying Vivian calling out to him just now in his mind.

Vivian’s mind went blank as she looked at Fabian.

She felt as if Fabian was again the Fabian whom she used to know.

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