Never Late, Never Away Chapter 97

Vivian felt like she had gone back in time. Before her was not the Fabian in suits, nor the Fabian who mocked her. It was the Fabian who was in a white T-shirt and jeans; the Fabian who rode around the campus and smiled like a boy at her.

Fabian did not notice the slight change in her gaze. He was still scowling at her, “Vivian, you’re a girl. Why are you pretending like you’re a hero?”

Vivian was stumped for a moment. Then, she burst into a chuckle.

Her lips curved into a bittersweet smile.

She still remembered that this was the very line that Fabian used to say to her when they were studying together.

He would say this to her whenever she was pulling all-nighters for her scholarship; whenever she spoke up for fellow female classmates; whenever she would register for a marathon when she was on her period…

He would hold her in his embrace and sulk. “Vivian, have you forgotten that you’re a girl?”

Then, the sirens of the ambulance could be heard. Fabian picked her up and took no heed of the crowd’s curious glances. He rushed toward the ambulance.

Vivian was in a turmoil of emotions as she laid in Fabian’s arms. It felt so familiar, yet so distant.

She took a trail down the memory lane again. Three years ago, she had registered for run even thought she was on her period. She fainted from the pain at the finish line. Fabian also picked her up and dashed toward the clinic…

She was afraid of reliving those moments again.

The past is a nice place to visit, but not the right place to stay.

Vivian reached the hospital in no time. She wanted to leave right after tending to her wounds. However, Fabian made a mountain out of a molehill and used his identity to secure her a private ward. Vivian’s protests fell to deaf ears.

Vivian laid on the hospital bed while Fabian headed out to settle the bill. When she was coming up with an escape plan, her phone rang.

She shivered at the sight of the caller ID.

It was Finnick.

She did not dare to tell him about herself getting hurt. However, it was not an option to ignore his call too. So, she could only begrudgingly answer the call.


“Vivian, where are you?” Finnick asked.

“I…” Her voice went weak. “I’m at the hospital.”

“The hospital? What are you doing at the hospital?” Finnick’s voice sank.

“I-I hurt myself earlier.” Vivian did not want to lie to him, and the bandage would be a dead giveaway anyway. So, she could only tell him the truth.

“You’re hurt?” There was a hint of anxiety in his voice. “Which hospital are you at?”

“First Hospital.”

Finnick’s wheelchair appeared at Vivian’s ward just ten minutes after their phone call. He must have rushed here. Vivian was even worried that he might have run all the way here instead.

Finnick’s face sank when he saw the bandage wrapped around Vivian’s arms.

He hurriedly wheeled to her side and said coolly, “Vivian, you consider this minor?”

She recoiled a little and looked at him warily. “Are you mad at me?”

Finnick was angry.

He was angry at this woman for not taking good care of herself!

However, he felt for her when he saw her petite pale face.

“Forget it.” Finnick’s tone warmed up. “How did you get hurt?”

Vivian tensed up. She was at a loss for words.

It’s not like I could say that I took the knife for Fabian, right?

I think he’s going to explode if I tell him the truth.

When she was coming up with a viable explanation, the ward’s door was pushed open and Fabian entered. It was obvious that he was still worried about Vivian, so he did not notice Finnick at the side and said, “Vivian, I’ve done all the hospitalization paperwork for you. The man who attacked me has been remanded by the police. You should…”

Halfway through, he finally noticed Finnick at the side. Stumped, he bit his tongue.

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