Never Late, Never Away Chapter 99

Deafening silence ensued. Finnick parted his lips, and Vivian thought he was about to question her again. She was fumbling for an explanation in her head. However, he merely said, “Take a good rest. I’ll ask Molly to send over some chicken soup.”

Vivian was stumped. She lifted her head to look at Finnick. Just when she was perplexed about Finnick letting her off the hook, he covered her eyes with his palms.

“Sleep. We’ll talk when you wake up.”

Finnick’s voice was deep, and it brushed past her ears like a feather.

Vivian just took some painkillers, and it made her feel quite drowsy. She nodded and dozed off into sleep.

Strangely, she found that it was much easier to fall asleep with Finnick by her side.

When Vivian was about to fall asleep, she felt a soft touch on her forehead.

Then, she heard a low sigh.

“Vivian William, what am I going to do with you?”

Noah reached the hospital after Vivian had fallen asleep. He brought along Molly’s chicken soup as well.

“Mr. Norton, this is…” Noah spoke as he entered the ward and was shushed by Finnick.

Clueless, he turned around and noticed that Vivian was fast asleep. He shut his mouth instantly and followed Finnick out of the ward.

“Okay, speak,” Finnick spoke after they were in the corridor. “Have you investigated how Vivian got hurt?”

“Yes, I’ve asked the security guard. A lot of people saw it too.”

“So, what happened?”

“Their magazine company just did a piece to expose a food processing factory. The factory went bankrupt and did not pay the wages of their workers. A derailed worker sought revenge from Fabian. And then…” Noah paused, unsure whether if he should continue.

Finnick’s gaze darkened. “Continue.”

“The man was actually going after Fabian, but Mrs. Norton dashed over to protect Fabian. The derailed worker was enraged and stabbed Mrs. Norton.”

Noah was carefully observing Finnick’s every expression when he was reporting.

However, Finnick seemed quite calm.

Noah was stymied.

He thought Mr. Norton cared a lot about Mrs. Norton. Am I mistaken about it?

“What else?” Finnick said.

“Um… Onlookers mentioned that Fabian was especially nervous about Mrs. Norton getting hurt,” Noah added. “He hugged Mrs. Norton all the way here to the hospital…”

Finnick’s deep-set gaze darkened further.

“Okay, you may go,” Finnick seemed unfazed by Noah’s report.

Noah wiped his nervous sweat. He nodded and prepared to leave. He accidentally caught a glance at Finnick’s wheelchair handle.

Finnick was clutching on his wheelchair handle previously, and now he had relaxed his grip. To Noah’s surprise, the rubber grip had actually sunken in from Finnick’s tight grip.

When Vivian woke up, Finnick was still staying by her side. He poured some chicken soup from the thermal flask beside the hospital bed. “Drink this.”

Vivian supported herself with one hand and got up. Her right hand was hurt. So, she tried to take the chicken soup with her left hand. She was quite clumsy since she was right-handed. Finnick noticed it and furrowed his brows slightly. Then, he took over the spoon in her hands. “Allow me to help.”

He took a spoonful and lightly blew on it to cool it down before edging it close to her mouth.

Vivian was taken aback.

Is he feeding me?

She did not expect that she would be able to enjoy this kind of treatment. However, she parted her lips and drank it meekly.

She was inexplicably nervous as she stole glances at Finnick.

It was hard to read Finnick since he always seemed impassive. She was not sure if he was still mad at her.

When she was contemplating whether to talk about how she got hurt, Finnick broke the silence. “Do you have something you want to tell me?”

Vivian smiled awkwardly.

I can’t hide anything from this man.

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