The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 154

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After the mysterious figure took Michael away from the tracks of the policemen and helped him escape, they made their way towards a route the mysterious figure had prepared beforehand.

The duo walked for more than an hour, which was very tasking for Michael as he was already injured by the police officers during the brief shootout. He was incredibly weak during the long trek, but the mysterious figure showed no sign of helping Michael. Luckily, after walking for more than an hour, they reached their destination.

A black car was parked under a huge tree. It was very inconspicuous, and was hidden properly from the naked eye.

The mysterious figure walked towards the car and entered it, after which Michael followed suit. By this time, the bleeding on Michael’s arm was too much for lim to bear, and he was already fading in and out of consciousness,

The mysterious figure glanced at him and snorted before bringing out a small bottle which had green liquid in it.

“Take this and drink it at once. It will help stop the bleeding.” The mysterious figure said in a gravelly voice.

Michael glanced at the mysterious figure outstretched hands, skeptical on whether to accept the bottle or not.

The mysterious man snorted again and said in a cold but mocking voice.

“You can choose not to drink it, but then I won’t be able to guarantee that you stay alive till we reach our destination.”

Michael frowned heavily at his statement, but he knew that he wasn’t lying. He could barely stay conscious, and he knew that if he didn’t take any medical care, he would surely lose consciousness.

He accepted the bottle from the mysterious figure’s outstretched hands and opened it. He didn’t have much of a choice anyway. He was completely helpless with nowhere to escape to. He could only depend on the mysterious figure’s help.

The liquid had a very pungent smell to it, and Michael almost vomited when he put the bottle to his mouth. He was once again skeptical as to whether the liquid was poisoned, but after seeing the nonchalant attitude of the mysterious persona, he decided to bite the bullet and drink it.

Sure enough, after drinking the green liquid, the bleeding on his arm started healing up, and the pain on his arm lessened greatly. Although it didn’t heal completely, the pain was now very bearable.

The mysterious figure gave an obscure smirk after seeing Michael gulp down the liquid before driving out of the forest.

The journey was a long but tense one. As they were both on the run from the police, they had to avoid major routes and paths until they were out of the police influence in Yale city. Only then were they able to breathe a sigh of relief.

After more than six hours of driving, the black car came to a stop outside a lavish villa. There were different top security personnel hustling around the villa, and at a single glance Michael could tell they were well trained.

The mysterious figure parked the black car neatly before speaking to Michael in a hoarse but cold tone.

“Get down. We’ve arrived.”

The two of them then alighted from the vehicle before making their way inside the villa.

Michael was stunned by the lavish and deluxe decorations in the interior of the villa. As he was born into an affluent family, he had seen enough of luxury decorations. However, the decorations in the villa were completely different from the ones he had seen.

They were more superior and more beautiful than the ones he had seen; and even the decorations in his family villa were subpar when compared to those in this villa. This detail made him wonder

how wealthy and powerful the person they were going to meet was.

The two of them soon came to stop in front of a prolific door. There were two dragon heads designed intricately on the door, and Michael couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat at the malicious aura the door gave off.

The mysterious figure knocked twice on the door before saying in a hoarse voice.

“I’ve brought him as instructed.”

There was a brief silence, and just when Michael thought that there would be no response, a gravelly voice laced with power said behind the door.

“Come in.”

The mysterious figure didn’t delay and opened the door, with Michael following closely behind.

The interior of the room was luxurious enough, but Michael could barely appreciate the luxury of the room, because seated on a chair right across him was a mystifying person who was giving off a suffocating aura.

Michael didn’t have to be told that this was the master who wanted to meet him.

The mysterious figure who rescued Michael bowed his head lightly before slipping out of the room, leaving Michael alone with the mystifying person.

Michael stared at the figure with trembling legs, as he couldn’t withstand the suffocating aura of the mystifying person.

A few minutes passed before a sound finally echoed in the room.

“Who are you?” Michael asked tentatively; breaking the heavy silence in the room.

“You don’t need to know who I am.” The person replied in a voice as cold as ice.

“Then why did you send someone to save me?” Michael asked in a confused tone.

There was another brief moment of silence, before the person answered.

“Because we both have a common enemy we need to crush.” The person said in a malicious tone.

He then looked up at Michael and said in an even more malicious tone.

“Don’t you want to have your revenge on Darius Reid?”

Michael eyes widened in shock at the person’s question, and rage filled his mind. He completely hated Darius Reid after he ruined his plan and made him an attempted murderer on the run from the police. He wanted nothing more than to crush him with his bare hands.

The person smiled at Michael’s face displaying rage when he mentioned Darius’ name. To move forward with his objectives, he needed to take Darius Reid out of the picture. With Michael Finn on board, his prospects of success would skyrocket.

He was laying a massive trap for Darius Reid, and by the time he released it, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

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