The Iron Alpha Chapter 8 by naomi d

Chapter 8

Kate’s pov

Leia and I arrived at the farm and Cyrus put us to work right away.

“We have some new workers and I need you to fucking keep an eye out.” He told Leia, “you know what I do and don’t accept. No fucking slacking and what is the most important to me?”

“That they treat the animals fucking nicely.” Leia said.

“Don’t let your mom hear you swear that fucking much, but yes. So let’s go. Kate? You okay with working too?”

I nodded, “yes, Cyrus.”

“Okay, you want to help Leia out or you want to brush the horses?” he asked nicely.

Cyrus was always really nice to me, especially after uncle Riker died. Or he was just happy that I was a good friend to his daughter. Or maybe he felt pity for me, because I barely talked and didn’t have any friends besides Leia. I could imagine thousand of reasons why he was nice, but it didn’t matter why I guess. I was just happy he was.

Leia looked at me, like she knew what I was going to say, “just go brush the fucking horses. I know you like them. You come back and see me yell at some fucking men later.”

I smiled, “thanks Leia.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just remember. You fucking owe me.”

I had worn jeans and a cropped t-shirt, knowing we would be going here. Any dress would get dirty anyway.

“Hey, you’re Kate right? The Alpha’s daughter?” A girl I didn’t know, said, who was busy cleaning out the stables.

I nodded, “yes.”

“Yeah, I am new here. It took a long time for me to get in though! Me and my parents wanted to join a year ago.”

It was because my dad had made it a lot harder to join. Before coming here you had to be double checked, Kane would do a digital search on you and Easton would visit to interview you. There were probably even more steps you had to go through, but dad and I didn’t really talk about these things. He was Alpha dad with Asher and just dad with me.

I didn’t respond, but smiled politely.

“I am Danielle, but you can call me Dani.”

“Hi Dani.” I said, walking towards the horses and grabbing a brush.

“Cyrus must really like you if you’re brushing the horses. I asked and he told me I needed to earn the right to touch the animals. Well, he used a lot more curse words.”

I laughed, “yeah. I am his daughter’s best friend.”

“Leia told me about you a bit. Well, it’s nice to meet you Kate. You look a lot like your dad and your mom. Like the perfect mix, but even prettier.” Dani said.

Did she just call me pretty? Was she flirting with me? I had no idea what to reply, so I just continued to brush one of the horses called Flea. Of course Cyrus had named her.

Dani talked, while I brushed and replied with short answers. I wasn’t sure if I could trust her and I already knew I would be examining this whole day in my head tonight. The thought of saying the wrong thing weight heavily on my mind. If Dani did like me, she would be the first girl ever to like me. And I really didn’t wanted to mess things up before it even started.

She was cute and very talkative. Apparently she had moved here with her parents when she came out of the closet to them. They knew this pack accepted everyone and they felt it would be better for Dani to live here.

“So what is it like to be the Alpha’s daughter?” Dani asked.

I shrugged, “it’s fine. He’s a bit strict.”

“Strict in what way? My parents are the opposite, they let me get away with anything. The only request they had was for me to get a job. They want me to learn some responsibility or whatever.”

I smiled, “I can’t leave the pack without a chaperone until I’m eighteen, I can’t go out at night and I have to train four days a week.”

“That’s too bad. I was going to ask you what the nightlife is like here. I used to go out to this club and dance all night. It was great therapy.”

I shrugged, “sorry.”

“No problem. So you train four times a week? So that’s why you have such a great body.”

I looked down, twice she had complimented me now and I didn’t know how to act at all. She was pretty. Had platinum blond hair, cut in a pixie cut. She had a bunch of piercings in her ears and was dressed in a jeans overall with a white tank top underneath. She looked like a really cute farmer.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just, well, you’re the first werewolf girl I met that’s out. And you happen to be very cute, so I figured I give it a shot.”

How did she know I was out? Did Leia tell her? Dani did say Leia told her about me. Was that why Leia said I should go to the horses instead of hanging out with her? Is that why she wanted to go to the farm? Was her dad in on it? My mind was racing and I started to breath heavily.

“Kate, are you okay?” Dani asked.

“Yes. I’m going to see Leia.” I said and I practically raced out of there.

Leia took one look at me and knew something was up, “Kat, just breath. What happened?”

“Did you tell Dani about me? Was this a set-up? Did we make that pact because you wanted me to meet Dani? Did you, -“

“Okay, calm your fucking horses Kat. First of all, I did tell Dani about you, like I tell everyone about you. Because I fucking love you and they need to know they can never fill the best friend position, because it’s fucking taken. But I didn’t know she’d be working here today. I just wanted to be nice and make sure you weren’t smelling like dog shit at the end of the day like I am.” Leia said, holding my face in her hands and making sure I was looking into her eyes.

“Sorry, Leia. I just panicked. She was really nice and flirting with me and, -“

“So why the fuck are you here with me then? Go get her! It’s a fucking sign from the Moon Goddess herself! We made the pact and then you meet Dani. Go back and ask her out!” Leia said exited.

I shook my head, “pretty sure I just ruined any chance I had.”

Just then Dani came walking round the corner, “hey Leia, Kat. Are you okay? It looked like you weren’t feeling well?”

Leia gave me a small push towards Dani and pretended to do some work inside one of the dogs cages.

“I’m sorry. I’m okay now.” I said, trying to give a genuine smile.

“So, I sort of heard half of your conversation. And if you still want to go out with me? Since I’m new here. You maybe want to show me around? Next weekend?”

I nodded, “I’d like that.”

Dani smiled brightly, “great! I’ll come by the packhouse next Saturday! Was really nice to meet you Kate. I have to go back to work now, can’t be seen slacking off on my second day here.”

I waved her goodbye and Leia came out, “you fucking did it. Or well, Dani did. But you said fucking yes! Phase one is complete my dear friend. Now I just need to score me a date.”

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